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Профессиональная (Independent)

Migration to Australia - Skilled Migration 

If you apply to migrate to Australia under the Skilled - Australian Sponsored category or any of the Skilled - Independent categories, you will be assessed against a points test. Points can be awarded for skill, age, English language ability, specific work experience, occupation in demand (and job offer), Australian qualifications, spouse skills, relationship (for Skilled - Australian sponsored only).

Pass Mark and Pool Mark

You must gain sufficient points to reach the pass mark in effect at the time your application is assessed (not when the form is lodged). Applications which achieve a score below the past mark (but above another mark, known as the 'pool mark'), will be held in reserve for up to 2 years after assessment. If the pass mark is lowered at any time in that 2 year period, and your score is equal to, or higher than, the new pass mark, your case will be processed further.

Current pass marks and pool marks Pass Mark Pool Mark
Skilled - Australian sponsored category 110 105
Skilled - Independent category 110 70

Estimating Your Points Score

Some information to help you make an estimate of yours points score is on this website, but it is important to read the Booklet - available from Immigration offices - to get more detailed information.

Points for Skill -
The occupation you nominate must be on the Skilled Occupations List current at the time you apply, and should be one which fits your skills and qualifications. You receive the points allocated for your nominated occupation as long as the relevant assessment authority for your nominated skilled occupation determines that your skills are suitable.

  • For most occupations where training is specific to the occupation - 60 points
  • For more general professional occupations - 50 points
  • For other general skilled occupations - 40 points

Points for Age -

  • 18 to 29 years (at time of application) - 30 points
  • 30 to 34 years - 25 points
  • 35 to 39 years - 20 points
  • 40 to 44 years - 15 points

Points for English Language Ability -

  • Vocational English (a reasonable command of English, coping with overall meaning in most situations) - 15 points
  • Competent English - 20 points

Points for Specific Work Experience -

  • If your nominated occupation is worth 60 points under Skill, and you have worked in your nominated occupation, or a closely related occupation, for at least 3 of the 4 years before you apply - 10 points
  • If your nominated occupation is worth 40, 50 or 60 points under Skill, and you have worked in skilled employed (any occupation on the Skilled Occupations List) for at least 3 or the 4 years before you apply - 5 points

Points for Occupation in Demand/Job Offer -
A number of occupations have been identified as being in demand in Australia - the list is called the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL). You receive points if your nominated occupation is on the MODL which is current at the time your application is assessed.

  • For occupation in demand, but no job offer - 5 points
  • For occupation in demand, with job offer - 10 points

Points for Australian Qualifications -
Applicants with Australian qualifications have a greater chance of employment in Australia. You may receive points if you have completed an Australian qualification from an Australian educational institutional, studying for at least 12 months full-time (one academic year) in Australia. Your qualifications must be an Australian post-secondary degree (or higher qualification), diploma, advanced diploma or trade qualification.

  • For an Australian qualification - 5 points

Points for Spouse Skills -
You may receive points if your spouse is also able to satisfy the basic requirements of age, English language ability, qualifications, nominated occupation and recent work experience and has obtained a suitable skill assessment from the relevant assessing authority for their nominated occupation.

  • Points for Spouse skills - 5 points

Bonus Points -
You may receive points for any one of the following:
Capital investment in Australia (a minimum of $100 000),
Australian work experience (you must have legally worked in Australia in a specific occupation for at least six months in the four years before you apply),
Fluency in one of Australia's Community Languages (other than English).

  • Bonus points - 5 points

Only for Skilled - Australian Sponsored Applicants
Points for Relationship

You may receive points if you or your spouse have a relative who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and is willing to sponsor you. You or your spouse must be related to the sponsor as either a non-dependent child, a parent, a brother or sister, or a niece or nephew.

  • Points for relationship - 15 points.


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